The Visual section contains all works which bears any kind of visual appeal. From corporate branding to fantasy illustrations, there's also a "Sketchbook" filter for everyday casual doodles.

A seção Visual contém todos trabalhos que carregam qualquer tipo de apelo visual. Desde identidade corporativa até ilustrações de fantasia, há tambem um filtro "Sketchbook" para alguns rascunhos mais casuais do dia-a-dia.

The Audio sections provides a brief selection of original and arranged songs produced commercially and personally. Styles range from orchestral to hybrid electronic.

A seção de Áudio mostra uma pequena seleção de músicas originais e arranjadas produzidas tanto para fins comerciais quanto pessoais. Os estilos variam desde orquestral até eletrônico híbrido.

First things first, what are you looking for? Primeiramente, o que você procura?




Greetings! I'm Flicky, Lucas Flicky. Visual Design student at Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul. Composer/Arranger and Co-Founder of Novastrike Soundscape, freelancer Graphic Designer / Illustrator, hobbyist programmer, and crank spinner in the freetimes. You probably know me for my awesome visual pieces, or maybe my awesome sound works, if not, let me introduce myself better.

I'm specialised in many things within the distinct areas I follow, my fields of expertise are creative and technical execution duties, high software proficiency is my flagship. As most of professionals of my two areas, I'm a early learner, and quite passionate in what I do. I like experimenting with things around, and every time I have an opportunity to do so, I will.

As an illustrator, one of my first influences was Kazuki Takahashi for his bold and sharp lined drawing style, this dating from 2006 approximately, when I still were just a kid with a pen, but that characteristics drew my attention since then. Nowdays i can't even pick my influences very well, I could say I'm pursuing some stylistic polyvalence, yet I have my own aesthetic preferences and may use it to develop a very original style.

As a musician, my influences may be very clear for those who know them. I have major influence from the genius chiptune composer Yuzo Koshiro, as well as some spices from composers as Spencer Nilsen and Trevor Morris. In general, the rule of experimenting counts here too, i like mixing up styles, rhythms, riffs... pure musical alchemy!

As a designer, I really don't have people as influences, but in actual design and artistic movements and trends, I tend to like stuff if they look good, and that's what I try to achieve, obviously, always with the experimentation feature running.

So far I've been working mostly as a freelancer than a in-house professional, but the office/studio routine isn't an issue at all for me. I've previously worked at a of Computer Graphics for Architecture Studio as Graphic Designer, and a local Publishing House as not just Designer but also their in-house Illustrator.

Currently I'm working as an in-house at a Brazillian TV Broadcasting Channel as Support Analyst and UX Designer, using the Design's problem-solving and process-optimization techniques to minimize bureaucracy and paperload within the Television's structure. As well as working with graphic assets used on internal communication & Workshops.

If you're interested in anything I could provide for you or your business, get in touch !


Looking for some top-tier Photoshop expert for processing a bunch of resources? An awesome design job for your business or for a project of your own? Conceptual art pieces to bring your ideas into life?
Or you're after some soundscape-wise pump-up in your game/animation project?

Or maybe even all of them?

Well, then toss me a message and tell me more about it.
I'd love to know more about what are you planning out there!

Don't trust this little box guy on the right? You can get in touch directly via email or phone.

+55 51 8586-3223